The Western Area

Grey Eagles

Serving the Pilots of American Airlines in The West

(LAX & PHX Domiciles)

The purpose of The Grey Eagles is to maintain and continue the close friendships and associations of the members and to promote their general welfare as well as to assist those active pilots who are approaching retirement in the problems related thereto.

Regular Membership shall be limited to active American Airlines pilots who are over the age of 50, and retired pilots who flew as a scheduled airline pilot for American Airlines or any of its incorporated companies, and who were normally or medically retired. Auxiliary Membership is available to widows/widowers of individuals who could have qualified as regular members.

My fellow Americans,

Or more specifically, our “Left Coast” based American Airlines pilots; please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ed Cook, and I am an LAX Domiciled Airbus Captain, and your Grey Eagles Western Area Director.

For those unfamiliar with our group, we are a non-profit fraternal organization of current (over age 50), and former retired American Airlines aviators.

We have regular events on the local, regional, and national level which give our members a venue to visit, commiserate, and deal with common issues. We do all this through local luncheons, retirement dinners, and our annual national convention or cruise.

We are your hub for staying connected to current and past fellow AAers. Won’t you please join us today and enjoy all that The Grey Eagles has to offer YOU!